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WIFTV is a member driven not-for-profit organization committed to addressing the systemic barriers to women and gender diverse people's equal participation in the production and dissemination of screen-based media, and to the creation of a more inclusive media for both creators and audiences. We work towards this goal through our year round advocacy work, though our professional and project development opportunities for women and gender diverse people in the community, as well as through celebrating a diverse range of storytellers and genres at the Vancouver International Women in Film Festival (VIWFF).

Your contribution will support:

The Vancouver International Women in Film Festival and Advocacy Initiatives

WIFTV's professional and development opportunities include the Tricksters and Writers Indigenous Screenwriting Program, The Genre Film Lab, Producers Panel Series, a selection of Mentorships for Career Development, and our most recent addition, The Emerging TV Producer Program.

We understand these times are financially precarious for many in our community making any donation we receive that much more special to us. We appreciate your generosity!